It is being 9 years I am involved with building website using WordPress platform. Building website using WordPress platform is really cost effective specially for the medium and small enterprise it is the very best platform.

It is cost effective because there are thousands of templates in the marketplace which you can just purchase and build a website just like the demo within an hour.

To be honest, I personally don’t like this way because it actually does not conform the brand identity but still I must say it is very time consume and cost effective specially for the start up company.

The basic procedure of building a brand new website or redesign to ensure the brand identity is actually start from a Designer who actually build layout using any designing tools like Photoshop or illustrator etc.

When the design is approved by the customer it will proceed to the Developer who will slice the design and bring it as a WordPress Theme.

As a WordPress Developer I will be able to take care of the second parts or this procedure of building a website. So when the design is ready my job will be slice and bring it on the web as a WordPress website.

During this Development procedure, there may need to add a lot of functionality. It is actually depends of your project requirements and be added those functionalities directly on the theme or may develop that separately as a WordPress plugin…

Yes developing a website from stretch is quit expensive and takes time but still this is the appropriate way of being developing a website…

There is another way may help to develop website faster with less expense. It is actually the combination of both procedure that I described earlier. This is how it will work.
1. You will chose a theme from any marketplace
2. Ask your graphic guy to take a screenshot of the demo design of the theme and customize it depends of your need.
3. Purchase the theme and ask your developer to get the design ready using the theme you purchased.

This working procedure is helpful and and time effective as the developer does not need to do a lot of work on the theme as the premium theme has almost all those functionalities what you are looking for so he will no need to re develop it. He just need to style the layout depends on the design that designer made by the demo…..